Charming villa for sale in Cap Salou

SCasa Bonet een laatmodernistische villa in Salou

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Villa Bonet, Salou



Modernist villas in Salou | Xalet Bonet an example of the late modernist style


Salou is the capital of the Costa Dorada, and has some spectacular modernist architecture.Walking on Paseo Jaume I we will find examples of this architectonic style. A style that left its first traces on very characteristic houses and villas in town such as, Chalet Bonet (1918), by the architect Domènech Sugranyes I Gras.
Built by the textile manufacturer Ciriac Bonet in 1918, Xalet Bonet or Xalet Voramar, is the work of the architect Domènec Sugranyes i Gras, a disciple and collaborator of Gaudí. It is an example of the late modernist style and one of the most emblematic buildings of Salou. Despite Cirac owning a house in the nearby city of Reus, his attention for this late modernistic masterpiece was substantial.



Xalet Bonet
Passeig Jaume I, Salou



Villa Bonet

On the main façade, a sundial with ceramic pieces and neo-Gothic letters summarizes the philosophy of the owner Ciriac Bonet, aprovecha el tiempo que pasa y no vuelve (take advantage of time, because it passes and never comes back).


Casa Bonet (Salou), front entrance        

Casa Bonet (Salou), front entrance


Palm trees Casa Bonet (Salou)   Casa Bonet, passeig Jaume I, Salou   Rellotge de sol, casa Bonet, passeig Jaume I, Salou, Tarragona
Palm tres Casa Bonet (Salou)  

Casa Bonet, passeig Jaume I, Salou




Sundial, Casa Bonet, passeig Jaume I, Salou




Casa Oda, Cap Salou


Near Cala Penya Tallada, a heavenly sandy beach on Cap Salou is this beautiful, cozy comfortable villa, Casa Oda. The house is located in a quiet street near the Camino de Ronda, a pedestrian promenade that connects the most beautiful beaches of Salou and Cabo de Salou. Underneath this small modernist villa hidden between mulberry trees, pine trees, agaves, and oleander bushes, a renovation is needed, but those who are not afraid to give this potential dream house the necessary care, have their own holiday paradise within reach.

Casa Oda, fotogalerij



Casa Oda, a house with austere, basic geometric shapes


Casa Oda, il Studio, een verborgen tweede unit     Cabo de Salou, pijnbomen

Il Studio, a hidden second unit



Carrer del Llebeig



From Casa Oda you walk through a beautiful pine forest to the beach of Cala Penya Tallada and the Camino de Ronda


The house has many terraces that invite you to an al-fresco dinner. The open-air kitchen at the rear of the house is the backdrop for much culinary delight in the golden light of the evening sun. The huge roof terrace is also an added value. A second unit is hidden under the terrace in front of the house and has a separate entrance. Ideal as an independent guest-house.

The Camino de Ronda is a pedestrian promenade that connects the most beautiful sandy beaches of Salou and Cap Salou.


Chalet Bonet is the first villa on the famous Paseo Jaume I. Other villa's along Paseo Jaume I include Vil·la Enriqueta, Xalet Loperena, Xalet Mallorquí or de l’Alemana and Xalet Torremar.


Chalet Bonet - panoramio.jpg

Casa Bonet (Salou) at the start of Passeig Jaume I. In the foreground a few tightly trimmed olive trees [2]


«Casa Bonet». Inventari del Patrimoni Arquitectònic. Direcció General del Patrimoni Cultural de la Generalitat de Catalunya.

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